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Sandra Edith Flores HernándezCountry: Mexico
City: Cuautla
Business: Services
Loan Amount: $1650

Client Story: Sandra Edith Flores Hernández lives in the municipality of Cuautla Morelos. She is 36 and lives alone in a house provided to her by a family member. Although she did not finish high school, Sandra too... more

Syed Mohd ShahCountry: Afghanistan
City: Kabul
Business: Trading/retail
Loan Amount: $600

Client Story: Syed Mohummed Shah , 55, is happy and thankful that FINCA helped him escape the misery of poverty that he and his family endured for years. He says, “FINCA has been good to us and my business has a g... more

María Eliodora Argueta PereiraCountry: El Salvador
City: San Francisco Gotera
Business: Food preparation
Loan Amount: $300

Client Story: María Eliodora Argueta Pereira is 40 years old and lives in Las Flores, San Francisco Gotera. Her husband left her thirteen years ago. Her two oldest sons live independently but the younger three, age... more

Silvia Vázquez López Country: Mexico
City: Cuautla
Business: Trading/retail
Loan Amount: $1625

Client Story: Silvia Vázquez López is 45 years old and only had the opportunity to receive a secondary education. She lives in a rental home and is a single mother to three children. Only one is still dependent upo... more

AssadullahCountry: Afghanistan
City: Kabul
Business: Trading/retail
Loan Amount: $600

Client Story: In January 2011, Asadullah, a 28 year old man joined FINCA to create a sustainable future for his family. He had not had the same chances as others to work, since he was disabled following a hip injur... more

Morena Margarita Monterrosa de DomínguezCountry: El Salvador
City: Panchimalco
Business: Manufacturing
Loan Amount: $400

Client Story: Morena Margarita Monterrosa Dominguez, 43, lives in the neighborhood of Chitas, in the municipality of Panchimalco; married with 4 children. Morena has been engaged for 20 years in the manufacturing o... more

Gustavo Carranza Villamil Country: Mexico
City: Cuernavaca
Business: Services
Loan Amount: $175

Client Story: Gustavo Carranza Villamil lives with his wife and their three children, aged 15, 13, and 12, in Ocotepec Morelos. He learned a great deal about working with metal and wood while employed in a blacksmi... more

Innocent MusintheCountry: Malawi
City: Manje
Business: Trading/retail
Loan Amount: $175

Client Story: Innocent Musinthe has tremendously grown his hardware business into a family conglomerate. He began his trade with a small shop in Manje that stocked very few hardware tools. After joining FINCA, Inno... more

Crisófora Ocampo Téllez Country: Mexico
City: Emiliano Zapata
Business: Trading/retail
Loan Amount: $400

Client Story: Crisófora Ocampo Téllez lives in Emiliano Zapata. She is thirty-seven years old and her husband is a mason. Together they have three children, ages 17, 16 and 3. She worked as a domestic for five year... more

Hussain AliCountry: Afghanistan
City: Kabul
Business: Services
Loan Amount: $1600

Client Story: Hussain Ali believes “being an educated person is the only the key of success but creating your own business provides the best reward.” Hussain is a 37-year-old married man who lives with his wife and... more

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